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The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is an international consulting conglomerate.

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Mobile App Prototype.

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We worked on a fixed cost model,

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support and post design

We spent total 6 weeks on the project overall including all iterations.

Metro App

The Goal

BCG was looking at an efficient way of maximising revenue and data aggregation from a new app for an upcoming metro line.

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what we did

We talked to the decision-makers at BCG and got a clear understanding of their requirements. After exhaustive research, we presented them with the app design in four weeks. The prototype was fully clickable and showcased their desired touchpoints. Again, all that in just four short weeks.

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The app was presented to the stakeholders by the BCG, they were blown away and got on board immediately and approved the app for development.

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The Goal

HealthySure had a vision of creating a brand-new product that would unify the entire health insurance experience. Of course, they came to TwoWords and asked us to work with them on their product design so that they could create a powerful pitch to garner the support to design the entire product.HealthySure gave us some key insights and discussed the areas they wanted to address. We learned some interesting facts.
1. More than half of the entire Indian nation is uninsured!
2. Insurance sales don’t rely on sales pitches, but rather enable quicker decision-making.
3. The entire insurance industry relies on effectively leveraging the proper channels to help people make the right decisions quickly.

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Anche i prodotti più innovativi hanno bisogno di un brand forte per ottenere buoni risultati di business

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L'immagine del tuo brand dovrebbe essere rivoluzionaria quanto il tuo prodotto

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L'immagine del tuo brand deve essere rivoluzionaria quanto il tuo prodotto

Multi Brand Support and Hierarchy

The goal was to design a user interface that could be customized to meet any brand and allow different brand managers to use the app to predict business decisions.

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Anche i prodotti più innovativi hanno bisogno di un brand forte per ottenere buoni risultati di business

Data Visualization

Understanding complex data and how it affects the brand across alltrade channels. The goal was to reduce decision-making time from six months tofour weeks.

Designing Prediction Engine

Coordinating how data and pricing forecasts would work across various trading channels and presenting its consequences on an iPad app.

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